IoT Solutions & Cloud Platforms

Connected devices are the future.
Let's build the future together.

Connecting devices and sharing data are game-changers across industries. Whether you’re developing a new product from scratch or have an existing product that could be enhanced with an IoT solution, NOVO will work with you to identify the best opportunities and build smart, advanced and connected products.

A team of over 70 experts to help bring your device to the cloud.

Our team of experts have experience in building complex systems for IoT solutions and cloud platforms, connected medical devices (IoMT), consumer and industrial electronics.

NOVO’s engineers are using their expertise in firmware, middleware, software, connectivity and proximity to provide a 360° solution to build smart and flexible products. Their meticulous methodology used in developing connected systems is also fully compliant with the high standards of IEC 62304 for medical devices.

Use a strategic approach to develop innovative IoT devices.

Our strategic approach ensures that you’re connecting the right devices and gathering relevant data for your users. A well-designed and implemented IoT solution gives users critical data and insight they can then use to improve efficiency, optimize processes, and make critical business decisions.

Develop industry-specific solutions

Businesses in a range of industries including medical, transportation, consumer products, and clean technology use our services to develop digital and physical products with connectivity.

Smart home appliances and devices

Wearables and smaller devices with connectivity

Large industrial devices and machines with connectivity

Medical devices with connectivity (IoMT)

Mobile asset monitoring & tracking

Inventory management systems & predictive replenishment

Cloud Data monetization

Have other IoT ideas and needs?

Not sure where to start?

We can help you make your product smarter and connected.

Visionary leaders embrace the potential of new technologies to grow and outperform competitors. Our technical teams help you strategically implement emerging technologies. Ask us about our IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, artificial intelligence, and cloud platform solutions.

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