Humanize technology,
not the other way around

We partner with high-potential startups that need resources to bring new breakthrough technologies to life, or established organizations that are looking for new sources of accelerated innovation, growth, and change.

Healthier, smarter future

When we founded Novo a decade ago we agreed upon a vision — a group of thinkers, makers, and doers working together as peers on the single biggest challenge of our time: Creating a healthier and smarter tomorrow.

Challenges we solve

Transform businesses

We help organizations clarify the opportunity and discover unmet people needs. We collaborate to define brands and turn them into a value proposition that addresses the right challenge, for the right audience, with the right outcome.

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Deliver memorable experiences

We leverage design thinking and brand as decision-making tools to craft pleasurable product-service experiences that create loyalty and deliver beyond people expectations.

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Innovate new ecosystems

We help business leaders launch new ventures and revitalize existing ones. With our in-house engineering expertise, we help clients prototype new technologies, achieve exceptional speed-to-market and boost their internal capabilities to succeed on the edge of change.

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How we do it

Design and technology as catalyst

At Novo, both design and technology have an important seat at the innovation table. We are keen advocates for hacking, building, and experimenting as part of the strategic process to create the next generation of human-centred solutions.

Accelerated time-to-value

Every strategy needs execution to be viable. We take a holistic approach to shortcut the innovation path and help our clients navigate seamlessly from idea to production, fast. We co-create in small units, with one single clear purpose: accelerated time-to-value.

Transparent partnership

Partnering needs to go beyond good collaboration to empower innovative solutions. At Novo, we think of it as Transparent Partnership. Transparent in how our clients and their users and stakeholders are an integral part of our creative process. Transparent in how we immerse ourselves in our clients' reality, learn from each other and help break down traditional silos.

Results, not resources

Because we are on the mission of making complex and strategic opportunities real, expect us to challenge the business-as-usual by bringing a fresh perspective. We bridge the gap between the product strategy, product experience, product innovation and the culture that drives it all.

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