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Our designers and engineers work together at the innovation table in a unique collaboration process.

Make an impact

Create memorable experiences

We build relationships with customers from vision to breakthrough innovation and production, not only to help them exceed market expectations, but also to build the future of their industry. By combining the creativity of our UX and industrial designers with the talent of our engineers, we develop well-designed, innovative solutions.

“We’ve come a long way from the time when design was primarily concerned with creating art. Industrial designs are now created with the same discipline as engineering. Our mission as designers has shifted from imagining appealing products to creating value by helping companies connect to the people they serve.”

François Gélinas
Industrial Design

Product strategy

Our strategists work with you to clarify your purpose and infuse that purpose into your brand and the experience it delivers. We help you define the best opportunity, the optimal problem/solution fit, and which features and functions to include. Our team will guide you and your project through every step of the process from brainstorming through manufacturing.

Product strategy

Industrial design

Our detail-oriented designers create concepts that delight users and meet real manufacturing requirements. The materials and manufacturing processes best suited to your business goals are incorporated into early design stages. We make sure that specifications and design stay true to the original concept throughout the development process.

Industrial design
Design Studio

UX & UI Design

Our UX designers create a product experience that entices users and eases adoption. Understanding how users will interact with the final product in different environments is essential to maximizing usability and accessibility. We develop design-centric cultures within organizations to drive innovation and support leaders in transforming their businesses. Our approach includes human-computer interaction design, ergonomics, and all aspects of usability.

UX & UI Design

Electronic and mechanical engineering

We put our trans-disciplinary teams to work with you as partners to develop the strategic intent of your product and make it manufacturing and market-ready. Sophisticated controls, wireless communication, portability, reliability, and attractive and intuitive user interfaces require solid engineering. Working closely with designers, our engineering teams make sure that designs move smoothly from concept to creation. Our engineering expertise includes developing physical and digital products such as medical equipment, portable devices, scientific instruments and more.

Mechanical engineeringElectronic engineering

Firmware and software development

Reliable performance is dependent on expertise in operating system implementation and embedded software development, two of our specialties. Our firmware and software developers solve challenging technical problems by integrating and testing hardware, software and mechanical components. Our team has an extensive electronics and hardware background to draw upon when developing new communication and control methods.

Software developmentfirmware development

IoT solutions and cloud platforms

Visionary leaders embrace the potential of new technologies to grow and outperform competitors. Our technical teams help you strategically implement emerging technologies. Ask us about the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and cloud platform solutions.

Medical Product Development

We will lead you and your project to success!

Develop breakthrough medical devices with best-in-class product design and development strategy.

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