PowerPlay Spyder

A compact pressure washer with high performance.

Industrial DesignMechanical EngineeringProduct Strategy

Industry-leading style and performance for the consumer market.

Known in the industry as a brand dedicated to design innovation, Powerplay wanted to introduce a powerful, compact and revolutionary electric pressure washer that would stand out in the consumer market for its shape and versatility.

Our industrial design team developed concepts and NOVO supported technical development at the manufacturer. We continue to refine, improve and develop accessories for the Spyder product family.


Industry / Product Type

A complete family of innovative pressure washers.

Designed with agility in mind. Maximum maneuverability design that allows the product to move in any direction.

Ultra Compact and perfectly balanced Design to eliminates tipping problems.

Flexhose with Tangle Reduction Technology (TRT) for easy mobility during use and to reduces operational downtime.

The impact

To meet the needs of end users, Spyder has been engineered to be a space-efficient, powerful pressure washer. Spyder is the highest performing electric pressure washer for its size on the market.

NOVO’s industrial designers and engineers worked with Powerplay to bring its innovative pressure washer idea to life and to market quickly.

Our expertise helped make the product family a commercial success.

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