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OptinaDx Brain Health Module

Medical software that helps detect early signs of cognitive decline.

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Designing and developing innovative medical software that helps detect and understand memory loss.

OptinaDx, a company that offers a revolutionary approach that combines advanced imaging and artificial intelligence to detect early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, teamed up with the design, software development, and quality assurance teams at NOVO to develop a first version of its Brain Health Module application.

Tested in numerous clinical studies around the world, the software has enabled OptinaDx to collect a wealth of data to continue the development of its revolutionary tool and essential for the future and the quality of life of people living with Alzheimer’s.

This leap forward has enabled OptinaDx to refine its initial product and kickstart the development of new technologies for a second phase, all while continuing to collaborate with NOVO.




Laying a solid foundation with our immersion and definition approach

By collaborating with OptinaDx experts and focusing our approach on users, the environment, and the target market, the UX and UI design team was able to start working on developing the user flow and wireframes, which provided a solid foundation for starting the design.

In parallel, the software development team was able to put the technical architecture and development plan in place.

Elaborating the UI design and developing key features

After the immersion and definition stages, our designers and developers were able to roll up their sleeves. The application design was fully conceptualized, and an interactive prototype was able to be tested before development even got started.

Our front-end and back-end developers were then able to incorporate this design and develop the key features for the beta version of the Brain Health Module application.

It was this beta version that enabled the OptinaDx team to gather data and conduct hundreds of clinical trials.

A project that exceeds strict development standards, thanks to our quality assurance team.

To meet medical product development standards, our teams followed a meticulous and well-documented development process.

Our quality assurance experts were involved in our process from the beginning to support and work with the OptinaDx team for a future FDA approval, a crucial step for the project.

The outcome:

A user-centered medical software with a sleek user interface and scalable features — not to mention support and all the appropriate documentation for a future FDA approval.

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