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Redesigned system architecture improves the user experience

Using a strategic design approach and proprietary IDEAL methodology, the Novo UX and UI design teams created a new version of the mine management application Meglab was developing. The new version included user-requested features, and a new interface to provide at‑a‑glance information visible in mine conditions. New mobile capabilities allow users to access the system in an underground mine.




Imagine 1.0



Big picture and details at your fingertips. The tablet shows vital information about mine workers, equipment, and the facility, with drill-down capabilities. It’s designed to be easy to use in a low light, high noise environment, even with work gloves.


Access vital information on mine workers, equipment and facility at a glance.Always visible in a low light, high noise environnement and ready to be touched with working gloves.

Essential information at a glance. The kiosk screen is designed to show key information with maximum contrast so that alerts, warnings, and safety levels are clear.


With the kiosk screen format, the objective was to design an efficient interface with the minimum information required and maximum contrast. Providing essential data in one quick reading.


Built to work underground


Faster decision-making


Priority information highlighted

The Impact

With the redesign, Imagine 1.0 launched as a full commercial system that offers added value to existing and prospective customers for Meglab.

By working with Novo to design and develop Imagine, Meglab now offers a fully featured digital product to customers along with the electrical and electronic products and services already in their product line. The addition of the Imagine 1.0 digital product to Meglab’s offering provides added value for existing customers and opens the door to new markets looking for a digital mine management system with a modern, highly usable interface.

A mine has many constraints including low lighting, a high noise level and multiple large vehicles moving around. 

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