GradExpert 2.0

Industry leading automated grader for sawmills with advanced imaging capabilities.

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An enhanced optical system and redesigned frame makes a successful product even better with version 2.0

The GradExpert™ uses geometric and imaging data to generate complete board planing classifications. For version 2.0, our industrial design team developed concepts to redesign the frame, make ergonomic improvements, and simplify installation and maintenance.


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The impact

By working with NOVO to design and develop GradExpert 2.0, Comact was able to upgrade performance and give a new look to proven technology.

The redesign process completely overhauled the optical system, replacing the fluorescent lighting system with LEDs. To improve speed and detection capabilities, version 2.0 updates include an integrated high-definition end camera and 3DPro laser heads and simulation tools, as fast as 2,000 pieces/minute.

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