Équilibre OdrA

An orthotic device with patented technology that effectively relieves knee osteoarthritis pain.

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OdrA, an orthotic redesign that exceeds expectations for comfort and esthetics.

Équilibre, a company that specializes in orthopedic devices, asked NOVO to design a revamped version of its patented OdrATM solution.

The redesign, which unquestionably provides added value to the product, is a collaborative effort from the industrial designers at NOVO, the research and development team, and orthotists at Équilibre, who tailor-make every brace from a leg scan.

Beyond industrial design, the development process involved interviewing patients and orthotists, as well as analyzing the other products available on the market.



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Industrial Design / Medical & Scientific Apparel

Industrial Design / Sports & Lifestyle Equipment

Check out the work of our designers and the evolution of the OdrATM

Slide the arrows to see the difference between the two generations of the product.

Previous Generation
New Generation

The process

Brand and product strategy definition activities had to be conducted for the current design and future versions of the product. The technical development was then carried out to bring this new generation to market.


Market analysis and positioning

+ visits and interviews with orthotists


Exploration of materials and colors


Preliminary product concepts and iterations




Final concept assembly and testing


Project presentation and delivery

Unique features that make a real difference for thousands of patients

The impact of a good design

The smooth curves and soft materials are comfortable for patients to wear. The bold and colorful fasteners, which evoke the Équilibre brand image, are better integrated into the straps and padding.

The result

This collaboration between NOVO and Équilibre has made the new OdrATM a brace that can be worn with pride like the high-tech gear that it is. And it does it while providing total comfort to the thousands of patients who use it, for upwards of 8 hours a day.

Industrial Design / Medical & Scientific Apparel

Industrial Design / Sports & Lifestyle Equipment

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