Diagnosis by retinal imaging.

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Ophthalmology diagnostic tool using offline image analysis software driven by AI.

BJ Nimo approached Novo to develop an ophthalmology diagnostic tool using offline image analysis software driven by AI. The design required a manual and guided process for target alignment, and image capture and validation to ease patient treatment.

Our engineering and design teams worked closely together to develop the concept, the system block diagram, the software solution architecture and the image acquisition and storage flow. The prototype met safety requirements, manufacturing and price considerations, and user needs.







The Impact

By working with Novo to design and develop DragonVision, BJNIMO was able to present a beta version of the product in 9 months  and go to market faster with a cFDA certified product. Engineering and design teams work closely together to develop a guided target alignment, image capture and validation process that insures a minimal number of operations for each patient.

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