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Our software developers can build powerful and scalable solutions adapted to your needs.

Writing code is not the only thing our software developers excel in. The team will be part early in the product strategy to make sure the perfect technology stack & development tools are chosen for your needs. They work closely with the user interface team to develop beautiful modern, ergonomic and intuitive applications that your users will love to use.

We build powerful, interactive and connected apps.

It’s important to define the problem without forcing it to fit a proposed solution. To define the problem, you have to identify the area where your team will focus. You have to prioritize features and also consider the available resources to develop the initial product.

The goal is to have a clear definition of the problem and a design brief that all stakeholders understand before moving forward.

We are agile.

Our team is fully Agile, meaning that they use a methodology that promotes transparency and client involvement during the entire development process. This methodology reduces greatly the risks attributed to launching a new app or tech product to the world. Our Agile software projects have also a faster return on investment, better scalability and better code structure decreasing potential issues and bugs during deployment.

When the development process is over and before the software is ready to go live, our team will proceed to the quality assurance analysis. After launch, they have maintenance and support availability and will guide you to make sure you are fully independent and confident when using your new app.

A full-stack development expertise at your service.

With its in-house full-stack development team, Novo is a first class partner to build secure and high performance advanced apps for any type of project.

See the projects we worked on

LabeoTech LightTrack

McKesson Canada BlistAssist

Équilibre OdrA

Logiciel médical OptinaDx

OptinaDx Brain Health Module

Meglab Imagine

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