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Carefully designed product following a user centered approach that meets real manufacturing requirements

Taking into account ergonomics, brand identity, materials, assembling processes and more, industrial design is one of the most essential factor making your product unique and functional.

Our creative, iterative and collaborative approach gives us the ability to design innovating and unparalleled products. Our industrial designers are empathetic, they understand the user needs and make it a priority to deliver clever solutions for those needs in the final product.

Industrial design puts the user at the center of its process.

Our team of industrial designers have adopted a unique approach focused on the user and a methodology that allows them to create products with added value for the end user.

With an in-depth understanding of the context, user habits and needs, our designers can deliver product that can truly change people’s lives.

A great product design is desirable, viable and feasible.

Industrial design plays a major role in the product definition and the technical aspects of product development. We can build an advanced and detailed version of your product ready for manufacturing. Having a multidisciplinary approach, the industrial designers work closely with the engineering teams (electronic and mechanical) to build a physical product that meet technical constraints and applicable certifications like ISO 13485 for medical devices.

Our team of designers will guide you during the development process and the deployment for production, giving you the peace of mind and all the materials necessary to have a successfully launch to market.

The user is always at the center of our product design process.

See the projects we worked on

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OptinaDx Brain Health Module

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