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Embedded systems are everywhere. Power yours with our experienced firmware team.

NOVO’s firmware & embedded software engineers can build smart, advanced and connected products. They develop systems with the latest technologies for reliability, speed and modularity.

Our team of experts have over 15 years of experience in building complex systems for medical devices, IoT and cloud devices, consumer and industrial electronics. NOVO’s engineers are using their expertise in firmware, middleware, software, connectivity and proximity to provide a 360° solution to build smart and flexible products. Their meticulous methodology used in developing connected systems is fully compliant with the high standards of IEC 62304 for medical devices.

A good strategy, high quality components, and clean code powers every great connected product.

At the beginning of the project, our firmware developers will help you identify the best operating system, components and hardware for your device. From a small 8bit microcontroller to a beefy 32bit, bare metal or RTOS system, the use of an external library or third-party software to save time and costs, they will give you the best recommendations to make your project a great success.

Our engineers also specialize in developing and integrating custom software developed in C/C++ or other programming languages. They have in-depth experience working with all connectivity technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WANs, LPWAN or cellular. They prioritize a modular architecture to help maintaining, monitoring and adding new functionality to the firmware anytime needed.

All the expertise you need to power your next smart & connected product.

Our firmware engineers got you covered for a wide range of projects.

See the projects we worked on

LabeoTech LightTrack

McKesson Canada BlistAssist

Équilibre OdrA

Logiciel médical OptinaDx

OptinaDx Brain Health Module

Meglab Imagine

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