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Are you the next innovator to join our team?

You are unique. We are too!

If you think you are an exceptionally passionate, flexible and unpretentious person, if you like to find your own way in the world, NOVO is a destination juste for you.

We offer a highly creative work environment where you’ll have the chance to push the boundaries of design and innovation with a great team.

Meet the novators

We are a team of over 70 experts to guide your project to success.

William Pelletier

Industrial design

Robin Mimeault

Software development

Christian Thiffault

Operations & Co-Founder

Renaud Paquet Faucher

Embedded software development

Danny St-Martin

Electronic engineering

Jean-François Garcia

Business development

Michel Bissonnette

Embedded software development

Claudie Tremblay

CHO (Chief happiness officer)

Dominic Benoît

Software development

Jean-Christophe Duhamel

Mechanical engineering

Sébastien Boisvert

Electronic engineering

Dany Thiffeault


Laurent Messier


Philippe O’Sullivan-Dargis

Electronic engineering

Jacques Desbiens

Industrial design

Alexis Bilodeau

CEO & Co-Founder

Pierre-André Couture

Mechanical engineering

Jean-Simon Dick-Boisvert

Electronic engineering

Gabriel Berthiaume

Embedded software

Nicolas Silverio

Electronic engineering

Fresh air,
fresh ideas.

Getting outside to give the left brain a rest and laugh a little is a big part of our culture. We frequently get together outside to refill the creative well.

Active and competitive

Teamwork on the field translates to teamwork on projects where everyone can count on each other to do their best.

Genuine interest for technology

We encourage and support activities that fuel a passion and interest in technology.

Enjoying life and time with friends

When COVID allows it, we love sitting down for a good meal together. It gives us the chance to relax, talk, and enjoy life.
The NFest at NOVO is a week of festivities where activities are planned every day to exchange, share passions, laugh, look crazy a little and spend time between us. This annual happening ends with an “off-site” day where collaboration, creativity and learning are on the agenda.

Winner of the Employer of choice award

NOVO was the winner of the Employer of choice award at the 35th Gala Radisson.

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