Teamwork inspires dreamwork

The experience collaborating with us as a business partner or in-house talent is as important as the experience we design for our end users. We want it smooth, fun, and authentic.

Our noble cause

Design new possibilities™

Well, instead of telling great things about ourselves, we have more fun sharing how we aspire to use our culture to impact our people, our clients, and our partners. 

We were founded by two great friends with a dream to achieve remarkable things together while having an enjoyable time doing it. So we have always had a sort of tribal mentality and run our business through an open culture of "common sense" in every decision we make and where everyone pursues their aspirations.

This vision, guided by our values, raises us every day in our passion.

Our beliefs

Asking the right questions

We believe there is no value to deliver an excellent solution for a problem nobody has, or an opportunity that provides a poor return on investment.

Unlock insights

We seek for answers and inspiration outside of our buildings, through the immersive observation of our clients environment and their users.

Harness the potential of ideas

We understand there are business opportunities we can’t perceive until we start to test them, so we see ambitious deliverables as a series of small, focused steps, which we tackle one at a time. This approach has helped us stay nimble, learn fast and achieve the best solution instead of the scoped one.

Think in ecosystems

Innovation depends on more than the piece of technology with which people engage. It's defined by the entire value chain of business, the systems of people, norms and process that command that value chain. We like to think of us as integrators of all those pieces.

Challenge every step

We formulate goals and measure results for each phase, whether we’re building the next-gen technology or launching a proof of concept, and we reconfigure as we go. We succeed in mitigating risk, identifying opportunities, and continuously keep teams energized by the outcome of their work.

Deliver what’s best, fastest

We consider there is a close interdependence between small size, agility, and effectiveness. We remain coherent with our "Results, not resources" mindset and applying the minimum viable resources to drive the maximum of impact.

Meet the Novators

  • Alexis Bilodeau

    CEO, Cofounder
  • Alexis Héon

    Software Development
  • Caroline Bouchard

    Financial Control
  • Christian Thiffault

    Hardware Engineering, Cofounder
  • Daniel Durocher

    Hardware Engineering
  • Dany Thiffeault

    Software Engineering
  • Félix Ayotte

    Development Support
  • Francis Kleinhans Hélie

    Software Engineering
  • Francois Gélinas

    Industrial Design
  • Gabrielle Chalifoux

    Industrial Design
  • Guillaume Paris

    Hardware Engineering
  • Jacques Desbiens

    Industrial Design
  • Jacques Routhier

    Global Business Development
  • Jasmin Désilets

    Software Development
  • Jean-Francois Garcia

    Business Development
  • Jean-Francois Lemire

    Software Engineering
  • Jean-Philippe Courchesne

    Quality Assurance
  • Jean-Simon Dick-Boisvert

    Hardware Engineering
  • Jean-Simon Dubord-Michaud

    Hardware Engineering
  • Kevin Lessard

    Software Engineering
  • Loïc Sauvageau

    Software Development
  • Louis Rioux

    Mechanical Engineering
  • Louis-David Parenteau

    Quality Assurance
  • Marie-Pier Martel

  • Martin Desalliers

    Hardware Engineering
  • Nicolas Silverio

    Hardware Engineering
  • Philippe Kamdem

    Organizational Advice, Experience Design
  • Philippe O'Sullivan-Dargis

    Hardware Engineering
  • Rachid Laouamer

    Hardware Engineering
  • Sébastien Cossette

    Mechanical Engineering
  • Stéphane Fortin

    Mechanical Engineering
  • Suzanne Héon

  • Xavier Boucher

    Software Engineering
  • Yves Lemire

    Sales & Business Development

Want to design new possibilities with us?