Our culture.

The experience of working with us is as important as the experience we develop for our business partners and end users. We want it to be positive, fun and authentic.

A healthier, smarter future

When we founded Novo fifteen years ago, we agreed on a vision - a group of creative and pragmatic people working together on one of the greatest challenges of our time: creating a healthier, smarter future.

— Alexis Bilodeau, CEO & Co-founder

Our vision

We aspire to make a positive impact on our people, customers and partners.

Our founders are two great friends who shared a dream to achieve remarkable things together while having fun doing it. We’ve always run our organization with an open, common-sense approach in an atmosphere that encourages growth and creativity.

Positivity, creativity, authenticity, commitment and impact are extremely important values to all of us. Our vision, guided by our values, fuels our passion every day.

NFest 2019

The NFest at Novo is a week of festivities where activities are planned every day to exchange, share passions, laugh, look crazy a little and spend time between us. This annual happening ends with an "off-site" day where collaboration, creativity and learning are on the agenda.

Changing atmosphere

We frequently get together outside to refill the creative well.

Novo immersion days open our doors

Our immersion days include our families, friends, and customers.

Active and competitive

Novators are an active group!

Active and competitive

Two Novo teams participated in the 2019 Pentathlon des Neiges Quebec.

Fresh air, fresh ideas

Getting outside to give the left brain a rest and laugh a little is a big part of our culture.

Take advantage of nature

We live in a beautiful place, and we make the time to appreciate it as often as possible.

Nice catch

Getting to know each other in relaxed outdoor activities makes a stronger, more cohesive team.

Stretching beyond our comfort zone

Trying new things extends beyond work to free time.

Practice makes perfect

Focus and patience apply to all aspects of life

Friendly competition

Teamwork on the field translates to teamwork on projects where everyone can count on each other to do their best.

Enjoying life

Sitting down for a good meal together gives us the chance to relax, talk, and enjoy life.

Genuine interest in technology

We encourage and support activities that fuel a passion and interest in technology.

People are our greatest asset

We genuinely enjoy spending time together, whether we’re meeting a deadline or playing volleyball in the sand.

Meet the Novators

  • Alexis Bilodeau

    President, Co-founder
  • Christian Thiffault

    Electronic engineering, Co-founder
  • Caroline Bouchard

    Financial control
  • Sébastien Cossette

    Mechanical engineering
  • Daniel Durocher

    Electronic engineering
  • Dany Thiffeault

    Embedded software engineering
  • Francis Kleinhans Hélie

    Embedded software engineering
  • Francois Gélinas

    Industrial design
  • Gabrielle Chalifoux

    Industrial design
  • Jacques Desbiens

    Industrial design
  • Jacques Routhier

    International business development
  • Jean-Francois Garcia

    Business development
  • Jean-Francois Lemire

    Embedded software engineering
  • Jean-Philippe Courchesne

    Quality management
  • Jean-Simon Dick-Boisvert

    Electronic engineering
  • Jean-Simon Dubord-Michaud

    Electronic engineering
  • Kevin Lessard

    Embedded software engineering
  • Loïc Sauvageau

    Software development
  • Louis Rioux

    Mechanical engineering
  • Nicolas Gauthier

    Software development
  • Louis-David Parenteau

    Quality management
  • Martin Desalliers

    Electronic engineering
  • Nicolas Silverio

    Electronic engineering
  • Philippe O'Sullivan-Dargis

    Electronic engineering
  • Xavier Boucher

    Embedded software engineering
  • Claudie Tremblay

    CHO (Chief happiness officer)
  • Elkin Angulo

    Software development
  • Jean-Christophe Duhamel

    Mechanical engineering
  • Maude Leclerc-De Guire

    UX design
  • Julien Croteau

    Industrial design
  • Gabriel Gagnon

    Embedded software engineering
  • Katia Aubry

    Software development
  • Laurent Messier

  • Marc-André Filion

    Electronic engineering
  • Andy Santana

    UX design
  • Danny St-Martin

    Electronic engineering
  • Julien Thériault-Gauthier

    Embedded software engineering

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