Customer information - Corona Virus

Working with you is the only way forward.

Creativity, expertise and innovation are the keys to positive change.

Today, our creative approach to problem solving, which is the backbone of work at Novo, makes sense for our team. We stand together in this challenging phase to fulfil our responsibility as part of the community and for our business partners.

First and foremost, we are focused on the health and safety of our employees, their relatives and our business partners. We are also in solidarity with the government's demands and our offices in Trois-Rivières and Laval are closed. Since our entire team has already switched to teleworking last week, there is nothing changed in the work habits at Novo.

Therefore, despite the current situation, our team continues its current activities and remains contactable. They are busy creating with deep empathy, generating tons of ideas, building prototypes, and helping you bring your new innovative solution to market. Our team is flexible and adaptable in order to keep the work going and rest assured that we support our staff at home not only with collaborative tools, but with the support they need to remain supportive and positive.

Of course, we all realize that what we're going through is historic and brings with it its share of uncertainties, no matter what sector you're in. Dealing with uncertainty is part of our product development team's daily routine. And this is even more true today.

We closely monitor the situation and the recommendations of the authorities to ensure that the well-being of our employees and customers is at the heart of our decisions.

For more information, please visit this page which we will update promptly with any important information. If you wish to discuss your situation, we invite you to contact our business development team. 

Jacques Routhier 

Jean-François Garcia