Digital transformation.

  • Needs evaluation and product definition

  • Seamless connection to custom controllers

  • Collaborative cloud platform development

ViZiSync B2B apps provide over-the-air configuration capabilities for custom controllers

Tornatech is an industry leader in fire pump controller manufacturing, serving worldwide customers. As demand increased, some of the methods used to commission, support and service the controllers were not able to scale efficiently. We developed a platform including mobile apps, web apps, and a cloud API that provides a rich interface and automation that serves as a cornerstone in moving business processes to Industry 4.0.


Tornatech initially approached us with a request to develop a mobile app that would allow them to update software on its fire pump controllers and exchange diagnostic information wirelessly. We led a product definition workshop to identify features with the greatest potential impact and lowest risk. Our goal was to develop a robust, forward-looking platform that would meet current needs and support future growth by improving communications, ensuring the quality of customer service, and making data collection and management more efficient.


Our designers and developers took the fully featured minimum viable product definition and developed web and mobile apps with rich, user-friendly interfaces. Our team’s capabilities provided a huge advantage compared to other app developers that don’t have experience with the proprietary formats used to communicate with controllers.


The cloud-connected mobile solution we developed seamlessly connects to Tornatech controllers and transforms the way field technicians perform commissioning and service. By replacing manual processes with a collaboration platform, Tornatech can reduce onsite visits. Operators can provide commissioning using the platform to record facility information, add equipment, submit service requests, and complete and submit field acceptance test reports.

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