BDC Capital invests $2 million in NOVO

Two million dollars. That’s the amount invested by BDC Capital to accelerate NOVO’s growth. This significant support will allow us to achieve our ambitions at a faster rate, mainly to strengthen our presence in the United States.


NOVO has been a client of BDC, the bank for Canadian entrepreneurs, for several years. Last fall, we were introduced to BDC Capital, the investment division of BDC, which offers a full range of capital for seed and growth-stage companies. It supports Canadian entrepreneurs who want to stand out on the world stage.

Our presence in the fast-growing technology sector, our solid business model, our growth plan, and our competent team made BDC Capital want to get involved with us.

A positive sign for NOVO

For NOVO, it is a positive sign, as our CEO Alexis Bilodeau explains:

This investment from BDC Capital shows great support and a true sign of confidence in NOVO! It proves that NOVO is a healthy company with a strong growth potential. It’s a vote of confidence from a partner who has agreed to commit to what we want to achieve.

(and yes, we have so many great things to achieve!)

Alexis Bilodeau
CEO & Co-Founder

Heading for the US market!

Since the company’s creation in 2005, NOVO has progressively established itself as a leader in the development of medical devices in Canada, thanks in part to its ISO 13485 certification.

Today, our goal is to accelerate the commercialization of our leading-edge services, and to strengthen our presence in the United States. “We will use a large part of this investment to develop this market, where we have been present for several years,” continues Alexis. NOVO already has a certain number of customers here, and our ambition is to grow in the coming years.

A special thanks to the team at BDC Capital who made this possible.

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