Integrated 360⁰ approach.

Our integrated co-creation approach means we work in an environment of open communication throughout the stages of your project.

Let’s co-create the next generation
of human-centered solutions

Develop your idea to its full potential

Whether you need to expand your capabilities, speed development, or move a start-up idea to market in the right direction, we can provide all the services and expertise you need. Let our experts guide you through every step of the product development life cycle to co-create a successful product that meets the true needs of your market and end users.


Our unique IDEAL approach

Beyond problem solving to business transformation

We developed our own advanced design-thinking methodology in-house to overcome two major hurdles we often saw companies facing: poor collaboration and information overload. With our IDEAL methodology, we facilitate brainstorming sessions with key stakeholders and then rank the information gathered to filter the ideas that have the potential to make the greatest impact and carry the lowest risk. By using this approach, we build robust solutions that not only solve problems, they transform the way businesses operate.

“The daily difference is particularly important in the team's sensitivity to find the unsuspected questions to put on the table very early in the project. This then makes it possible to bridge the gap between the reality of the field, the business opportunity, but above all the issues of the users that we are committed to ultimately serving. If our partners could face this complexity without support in an often risky innovation context... our raison d'être would be less relevant.”

Philippe Kamdem


Before moving forward, we’ll take a step back and ask questions to get to the true needs of your users and your organization. Our strategists help you clarify the best opportunity and discover unmet human needs.

We collaborate to define brands and create a value proposition that addresses the right challenge, for the right audience, with the right outcome.

  • Strategic design
  • Program management
  • Quality management
  • Regulatory compliance for the US, Canada, and Europe

Design Studio

The secret to an elegant, intuitive end user experience is structured design throughout the product development process. Style, ergonomics and distinctive lines make an impact when your product arrives on the market.

  • Product strategy
  • Industrial design
  • UX design

Engineering Lab

With our proven engineering expertise, we work with you to prototype new technologies, achieve exceptional speed and boost your development capabilities.

  • Electronic and mechanical engineering
  • Firmware and software development
  • IoT solutions and cloud platforms

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