Transform your innovative ideas into marketable products.

By combining industrial and UX design and engineering talent, we provide an integrated approach to technological product development.

We design digital and physical products

High-potential startups benefit from our expertise to bring breakthrough technology to life. Established organizations use our expert resources to accelerate innovation, growth and change.

Our integrated services feature product strategy, industrial and UX design, electronic and mechanical engineering, and firmware & software development. Our services and approach provide substantial product design and development experience, as well as technical, financial and market benefits for clients in the medical, transportation, consumer and clean-tech industries.

Make an impact

Drive innovation

Both design and technology have an important seat at the innovation table. We are keen advocates for hacking, building, and experimenting as part of the strategic process to create the next generation of human-centered solutions.

Reduce time to market

With a minimum viable product philosophy and rapid prototyping, we work closely with you to get the right product to market quickly. We co-create in smalls units, with one clear purpose: accelerate time to market.

Create with us

We leverage transparent partnership. Our clients and their users and stakeholders are an integral part of our creative process. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ reality, learn from each other and help break down traditional silos.

Our beliefs

Ask the right questions

We look for answers and inspiration outside our buildings, in the immersive observation of our customers and their users.

Unlock ideas

We believe that there is a close interdependence between small size, agility and efficiency. We remain consistent with our “Results, Not Resourcesˮ mindset and apply the minimum viable resources to generate the maximum impact.

Build momentum

We approach all our deliverables as a series of small, well-targeted steps that we implement one at a time. This process mitigates risks, identifies opportunities and maintains the team’s energy continuously through the tangible results of their work.

Think in ecosystems

Innovation depends on much more than just the technology that characterizes it. It is defined by the entire value chain of the company, the people systems, the standards, and the partners who control that value chain. We particularly like to play the role of integrators of all these components.

Question each step

We formulate objectives and measure results for each phase, whether we are building next-generation technology or proving the feasibility of a prototype. This approach helps us stay agile, learn quickly and deliver the best solution.

Deliver the best, quickly

We believe that the value of an excellent solution is measured by solving a problem or an opportunity that results in a good return on investment.

Our impact

Medical innovation provides easy-to-use oxygen therapy for respiratory patients.

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“When we founded Novo a decade ago, we agreed upon a vision – a group of thinkers, makers and doers working together on the biggest challenge of our time: creating a healthier and smarter tomorrow.”

Alexis Bilodeau
Co-Founder – President, Novo

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